Key features

marketingQED's marketing mix modelling software is like all the best software ideas. Once you're using it, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.


Informed, timely marketing decisions

QED marketing software tells you what you need to know - next year's optimal marketing budget, the ROI on your latest campaign, the effectiveness of your social media - exactly when you need it. Automating data and strategy means more time sharpening your marketing skills.

A streamlined view of your marketing mix

Get a 360° view of your marketing with the QED display. Split out your marketing drivers, see how they're performing and test different combinations to find the perfect marketing mix.

More analysis, more accountability

Armed with accurate data and marketing analysis insight, you can account precisely for all the variables across your marketing mix. Foresight is 20/20.

More accurate marketing mix forecasts

Why wait? Once the data is input, you almost instantly get feedback. Which gives valuable decision-making time back to you.

Forecasts based on facts

QED modelling software runs on hard data. An objective, analytical take on past campaigns to find the perfect marketing channel mix.

Unlimited use, no extra fees

Spend less on trials and data crunching. Set single and multi-user subscription fees keep costs under control at a time when budgets are shrinking.