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Marketing mix models & the power of data


Hiring a firm to provide viable marketing mix models for your business can take weeks or months, with consultancy bills well into six figures. Even the best marketing consultants run a knowledge deficit on your day-to-day operations. First-hand experience of past and current marketing activities is integral to creating the most profitable channel mix.

MarketingQED software uses data visualizations and advanced analytics to show when and where your marketing activities were most effective, giving you the power to adjust and forecast accordingly. Armed with sales data and details of recent marketing activities, QED software can run thousands of potential marketing mix models in a matter of minutes. Intuitive software and in-house business experience provide a clear ROI picture and workable strategies for the future, channel by channel. 

  • Test multiple creative executions - find out what worked and what didn't.
  • Keep an eye on the competition - how is your competitor's marketing affecting your KPIs?
  • Measure the subtle stuff - did your marketing campaign reduce churn?
  • Make sense of your digital marketing - social media, search, display.

Predict campaign effectiveness = Better ROI for your marketing spend

Marketing is easier when you know the outcome ahead of time.Marketing mix modelling software

QED software uses historical sales and marketing analytics data to predict the results of current and future campaigns, allowing you to simulate marketing campaigns before making a financial commitment. Define your KPIs and measure potential returns prior to launch. Forecast brand awareness, lead generation, sales impact and profitability to determine the right channel spend - all delivered to your desktop in clear, concise visual formats. 

  • Predict campaign outcomes - more ROI, less failure.
  • No data, testing, or modelling restrictions - all the marketing mix models and KPIs you like.
  • Waste not, want not - identify best channel mix and invest there.

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