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marketingQED partners with Cartesian Consulting

Posted on 21 Jan 2015 by John Dawson

marketingQED is delighted to announce that we have reached an agreement to partner with Cartesian Consulting - a leading provider of marketing technology solutions to clients in India and the APAC region.

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Predictive analytics - the weapon in the armoury of retailers

Posted on 21 Oct 2013 by M Walsh

It's never been easier to analyse big data, which is why predictive analytics is becoming a key weapon in the armoury of retailers...small as well as big.

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Can the Xbox One create new media metrics

Posted on 22 Jul 2013 by John Dawson

The launch of the Xbox One presents marketers with a new opportunity to create much-needed new metrics - a tongue in cheek look at the possibilities of the new Xbox One console.

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Raindancing Chapters 1-7

Posted on 27 Feb 2013 by Glenn Granger

Raindancing; Why rational beats ritual, written by marketingQED’s CEO, Glenn Granger,is now available for purchase. We're enabling, free to our customers, a few chapters per week to read, download and share here. Change the way you make your marketing decisions; plan your targets, set your budget levels, measure the business impact and forecast future results.

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Billions being wasted by UK Marketers

Posted on 20 Dec 2012 by John Dawson

John Wanamaker noted that “half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half”. We wanted to know whether that “fact” still stood at the end of 2012 so we decided to commission a survey of 450+ UK marketers to find out.

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From gut instinct and guesswork towards rational marketing

Posted on 24 Oct 2012 by Glenn Granger

"From gut instinct and guesswork towards rational marketing" - this article written by our CEO, Glenn Granger, features on BrandRepublic and Campaign today. He explains how a move towards objective data-informed marketing will be worth millions.

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