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Life at the margins

Posted on 09 Dec 2011 by John Dawson

Understanding Marginal returns - the return for the next Pound, Euro or Dollar is key to knowing where to move your marketing investments. In this short post, we explain why you need to understand this concept..

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Let's forget about Wanamaker

Posted on 05 Dec 2011 by John Dawson

One of the oldest clich├ęs in advertising is the Wanamaker one about 50% of money spent on advertising being wasted but not knowing which 50%. In truth this is now an unjustifiable position for most marketers to take. and the sooner that we can stop using this line the better,.

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Launching the marketingQED Blog

Posted on 05 Dec 2011 by John Dawson

An introduction to the marketingQED blog..

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