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Can the Xbox One create new media metrics

Posted on 22 Jul 2013 by John Dawson

Microsoft have done it now – they’ve unveiled the Xbox One – the latest version of their console technology. We’ve all got to wait a number of months before it comes to market but already gamers and futurologists will be getting excited about the possibilities this new hardware will bring.

I also suspect that advertisers, media agencies and the like will also be getting very hot under the collar because one of the headline capabilities of the upgraded Kinetic technology is its ability to measure the viewer’s movements down to the “heartbeat”!

Let’s think about that for a minute – this is a box which knows what you’re playing or watching (it’s got IPTV built in) and it can measure your physical movement down to your heartbeat. Potentially it’s a whole new world for advertising measurement also – think about all the new metrics we might have to play with – for example:

  1. Heartbeat Adjusted GRPs (HAGRPs)– a measure of how many extra beats your advert created in the subject multiplied by the number of ratings points
  2. Movements Per Impact (MPI) – number of actions per impression generated
  3. Sweat Beads Per Minute (SBPM) – a measure of the sweat generated for each user on a per min basis

Of course advertisers want to create attention and measure the attention that is paid to their promotions. Perhaps the new Xbox One will provide these new metrics which can be tied to sales performance using some good old fashioned econometric modelling – perhaps not – we’ll see. I’m sure Winston Smith will be watching…

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