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Festival of Media 2012 Redux

Posted on 24 Apr 2012 by John Dawson

“When Date becomes insight” – A view from the Festival of Media 2012

This time last year we chose to launch marketingQED to a Global audience at the Festival of Media event in Montreux. At this unique event, we had the opportunity to exhibit our software suite and introduce our take on how to plan, measure and improve marketing spend. Having found our products to be so well received, and having had some really constructive conversations that developed into client relationships, we jumped at the chance at the invitation to return last week for 2012.

The fact is that Charlie and his team at C2 (the founders and organisers of the event) are true media event champions who gently mix the right delegates together in a relaxed and focussed environment.

The key to a great conference is the subject matter, the quality of the speakers, the agenda and the debate. The theme of the conference was “When data becomes insight: beauty in numbers and the science of storytelling” and we were treated to a packed agenda - which included, the Head of Brand at Barclays, David Wheldon, the CTO of, Werner Vogels, the CMO of PepsicCO, Salman Amin, and an interactive panel involving 8 Agency Heads. The event was immaculately chaired by Roger Parry, Chairman and co-founder, MSQ Partners who did a terrific job of keeping the audience engaged and entertained.

It was fair to say that there was an overall sense of optimism for the future, that big data need not be scary (although It appears that like our CCO John, Werner Vogels the CTO of Amazon also dislikes the term “Big Data”), that the tried and tested principles of listening and responding to customers is now even more fundamental. Whilst online has created untold new customer engagement opportunities, as Salman remarked from Pepsi, it has actually opened up a proliferation of opportunity for video platforms – predicting that 90% of the internet will be video by 2015.

The highlights of the feedback that we received at our stand were;

  • An agreement that there is a great need for quick answers to the ROI challenge
  • General disquiet about attribution techniques (ROI techniques such as “last click” matching) and their proliferation
  • A need for the marketing eco-system to embrace off-line as well as on-line concerns (something we’re obviously closely associated with ourselves)

Hopefully we offered a different perspective on the challenge of managing effective communications and we were the only organisation to literally fly their (branded) flag at the event (via the yacht that our Austrian team had moored next to the venue).

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves again this year and we look forward to continuing a range of conversations that started at this unique event. We hope to see you again next year – probably in the Black Pearl!

PS if anybody is trying to get hold of our Head of BD, Phil, his phone has dried out now after his unfortunate slip into a freezing Lake Geneva – to remind you his number is 07771 863 110

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