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Raindancing Chapters 1-7

Posted on 27 Feb 2013 by

To celebrate the March 1st book release of Raindancing: Why rational beats ritual, written by marketingQED’s CEO, Glenn Granger, we've uploaded, free to our customers, a few chapters every week to read, download and share here.

Understanding and applying the principles discussed in Raindancing will fundamentally change the way you make your marketing decisions; plan your targets, set your budget levels, measure the business impact and forecast future results.

It really is the book every marketer will need to have read in 2013.

'Chilling, provocative and inspiring - you can't ignore the logic'
-Professor Robert Shaw, Cass Business School

'Glenn Granger's brilliant book... is a key part of the answer. It could be a manifesto for revolution.'
-Professor Malcolm McDonald, Cranfield University School of Management.

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