Here's a little bit about us...

Why does marketingQED exist?

Frustration is a great catalyst for invention. Shared backgrounds in business and consulting had taught each of us the value of mix modelling. We understood the science and had seen it help marketers dramatically improve brand performance across a number of industries. We also found analog modelling solutions to be costly and complex - rendering valuable data inaccessible or incomprehensible to the vast majority of marketing professionals.

That's what inspired marketingQED. The idea that real business insights should be accessible, affordable and immediate. We knew that solving tough marketing problems shouldn't require seven-figure consulting contracts and hundreds of statisticians using slow, expensive, academic modelling programs. Instead, we've worked on translating the science of mix modelling into a simple set of tools. The result is an easy to use software suite that provides straightforward visual solutions to leading marketers in minutes, not months

Hi, I'm John Dawson

Managing Director

As a co-founder of marketingQED and a board member of Scanmar Group, I'm here to make sure that everything goes smoothly. From when you first give us a call, to training you up, to chatting over features you'd like to see in future releases. I'm an econometrician by training and before QED I spent 10 years as a consultant (Brand Science, Accenture, LCP) working around the world providing marketing analysis for a diverse range of industries such as telecoms, consumer goods, automotive, hospitality, consumer electronics and banking. I understand your marketing challenges – so give me a call and I can get you up and running.


Hello, I'm Drew Barnes

Chief Technology Officer

I lead the development of the software suite. I've been building software systems to analyse marketing effectiveness for over 10 years now (Edge, Accenture) and I love the challenge we have set ourselves at QED. Quite simply I want us to have software that you want to talk about, that amazes and delights you. Our mission is to produce software that makes analysis enjoyable rather than feeling like you are drowning in numbers. If you have any ideas for new things you’d like to see then drop me a line and I'll see what we can do


Servus, I'm Andreas Hofmaier

Head of Continental Europe

I have the pleasure to lead our efforts in Continental Europe. One of the (many) beauties of marketingQED is delivering solutions for any size of market or company. So whether you are a leading multinational company based in Germany or a local retailer in Hungary, our amazing products will give you the crucial marketing edge for your business. Having spent the last two decades in the advertising industry (at various management positions with leading international networks), serving a wonderful portfolio of international as well regional/local clients, I know from first hand experience that an ever increasing number of marketing issues have not received the best possible answer simply because of lack of necessary insight. We here at marketingQED help you to change exactly that. Want to know more? Anytime, just let me know.


Konichiwa – I’m Seinosuke Sato

Head of Japan

When I first met with marketingQED, I was astounded to see how they were helping organisations solve one of the toughest tasks in marketing - evaluating and predicting the ROI for each element of the modern multi-media advertising market. As a co-founder of BrainPad, Inc. I have long been an “Innovation Partner for the Big-Data age”, providing predictive analytical services in the marketing business domain. I know lots of enterprises have a strong desire to make the best investment decisions, and I am confident that marketingQED offers the right solution for modern marketers. My current focus for marketingQED is in Japan, although we support enterprises across the Asian region. If your company shares this challenge, I can support you to help you make the correct judgment. Please do contact me at your convenience