Conventional wisdom says that lower prices garner sales and higher profits.  Intelligent data and improved forecasting potential show this isn't always the case.

The grounds for price promotion and product development or delisting are in long- and short-term profitability, not executive intuition or reduced input costs.  priceQED uses historical data and advanced modelling software to provide marketers with greater visibility and a better understanding of price sensitivity.  What can priceQED do for you?

  • QED softwareSee how price changes affect own and competitor sales and profit across the entire category
  • Understand the effects of price on substitution and cross-product cannibalisation
  • Forecast sales volume and profitability over hundreds of price scenarios
  • Help you understand category-wide impact from individual product promotions

No more conjecture.  No more short-termism.  Choose your price and build your business on solid rationale and objective data.  Book a demo and get accurate return on investment projections starting now.

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