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Introducing strataQED

What does it do?

strataQED builds on the robust features and functionality of modelQED by now providing the ability to perform advanced cross-sectional marketing mix model analysis – in a matter of minutes! This powerful new functionality allows you to make vital decisions about where to allocate your marketing resources. It helps you answer important questions, such as “… into which regions or against which customer segments could I most effectively spend my marketing budget?” With strataQED’s advanced capability you can achieve rapid insight for more complex marketing mix problems by analysing data nationally, regionally, by store, brand or customer segment – all with the ease of our existing modelQED technology.

How does it work?

strataQED houses its own data repository so you can import and manage multiple data files simultaneously, specify data definitions and create different categorisations for the same data set before creating a project. Within the software you create the hierarchies you require to reflect the model analysis you wish to perform, then test for differences in responsiveness across segments and regions. Additionally, strataQED’s export feature allows you to quickly replicate your model for analysis or for forecasting purposes in a standard business spreadsheet. 

Who is it for?

strataQED is for anyone who wants to understand what is driving their business at a more granular level, be it sales, website visits or brand awareness. With strataQED you have the flexibility of modelling with simple time series data or with more complex time series cross-sectional data. Whether you’re a larger organisation who manages brands across multiple regions or segments within a market, a Telecoms provider looking to understand how your advertising affects usage by customer segment or a restaurant group operating outlets in 20 cities – strataQED can take on the task.

How do you get started?

Contact us (via this link) and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and help you determine if this approach will meet your needs. If strataQEDis the right tool for you, we will be happy to help you get started by setting up the initial analysis with you.