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Optimise your Marketing Portfolio now

In this white paper we set out some essential points which are often overlooked but which are crucial to optimising your marketing portfolio successfully. By following the points raised in this paper, we believe you will be better placed to understand what the right investment level should be to achieve your marketing goals over the mid to long term. Getting this right can deliver significant benefits to your organisation.

Google Trends as a Data Source for Marketing Analytics

Google Trends has recently gained popularity as a data source for marketers wanting to understand some aspects of online behaviour or simply to help us capture relative search volumes. In this paper, we present some practical advice on how users can create and extract this data for use in their own projects.

A Path to Self Sufficiency

A client's journey from external providers of marketing mix analysis to an in-house marketing effectiveness capability.

How to set your marketing budget, and how to spend it

Our whitepaper explains how you can make game-changing campaign decisions in an easy and affordable way, using the power of the response curve! See how regression modelling enables you to gain insights into your returns through quick and careful analysis of your data.

Understanding the impact of each marketing activity

Imagine you’ve got a black box, with a row of red lights on one side of the box and a row of switches or buttons on the other side. You press different buttons, and you see that different lights come on. The big conundrum, for marketers, is to try to understand just how the box is wired up. You press this button and that one, in combination, and this red light comes on over here. And if you press a different combination of buttons, another light comes on. Marketing mix modelling enables you to measure cause and effect relationships - called 'response curves'.

Underdetermination: The missing link of marketing analytics

When we build a marketing mix model we naturally want to find a clear and unambiguous answer to the question "Which marketing drivers are important and what is their impact?" Is a clear answer to this question always possible or might the same data set tell multiple very different stories and if so, what could this mean?

Use the Data to Make the Difference

This Whitepaper entitled "Use the data to make a difference" outlines the rationale for using the best available data for your corporate decision making.

How to Align Data Suppliers

Great analytical results depend on having the right data available at the right time. Modern marketers are dependent on internal and external providers of data in order to achieve their goals. This paper shows discusses how these needs can be aligned.

The Digital Attribution Challenge

Marketers are being bombarded with a wealth of information related to digital marketing. In particular the area of Digital Attribution has become almost mythical. In this paper, we take a critical look at the challenges and solutions available to help manage this problem.